Generalized Holographic Principle, Gauge Invariance and the Emergence of Gravity à la Wilczek

Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science, (2021) 8:563450, June 2021
DOI: 10.3389/fspas.2021.563450

We show that a generalized version of the holographic principle can be derived from the Hamiltonian description of information flow within a quantum system that maintains a separable state. We then show that this generalized holographic principle entails a general principle of gauge invariance. When this is realized in an ambient Lorentzian space-time, gauge invariance under the Poincare group is immediately achieved. We apply this pathway to retrieve the action of gravity. The latter is cast a la Wilczek through a similar formulation derived by MacDowell and Mansouri, which involves the representation theory of the Lie groups SO(3,2) and SO(4,1).

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