Conservation of copper alloys artefacts from archaeological excavation

Maura Mereu, Vilma Basilissi, Giuseppe Guida, Massimo Vidale, Maria Pia Casaletto, Gabriel Maria Ingo, Luciana Drago, Enrico Greco

YOCOCU: Contribute and role of youth in conservation of cultural heritage, ISBN: 978-88-97484-01-1
DOI: 10.13140/2.1.2424.3525

The conservation work on the pilgrim’s flask from Casale del Fosso necropolis is a part of more comprehensive study project, which aims to examine issues that are connected to archaeological metals and its conservation problems. From the conservative point of view the main interest is directed toward the testing of new molecules, already developed by the National Research Council, in the stabilization phase of archaeological artefacts. In order to perform this study a group of objects in copper alloy, including the flask, from the necropolis of Veio-Casale del Fosso have been already selected and analyzed.

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